Positive Speaking Breeds Positive Results

Our brains understand the positive.

They block out the “negative” words such as don’t, can’t, stop.

So it’s important to speak to ourselves, and our children in positive words.

Try this:

“Don’t move your feet.”

What’s the first thing you thought of? Moving your feet, right? πŸ™‚

Check this out…see how it relates to little man Anthony, and all of us.

Picture Walk on a Sweet Spring Day! (Making Predictions during Reading)

Bird Calling? Letter Sounds?

The other day while watching a program with Anthony on PBS Kids, I came across a big pet peeve of mine. When I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher, this was one goal I always had.

Think about it…how do you pronounce the letters? Do you add the “uh”?

Stay at home moms and dads as well as working moms and dads and teachers alike all should check this out!