First Few Days of Spring and Skinny Jeans

Spring is in the air…

Time for spring cleaning, opening our windows, spending more time outside, and rotating our wardrobe to the warmer weather clothes.

Warmer weather clothes…

Many times we dread having to shed the winter sweaters that we have been able to hide behind. I recall that feeling.

I always looked forward to the warm weather for the obvious reasons of summer vacation, being outside, barbecues, and summertime festivals. But, the thought of having to fit into my capris and my lighter clothes never sat well.

It’s March 21th. Are you dreading the rotation of your closet?

Fear not! I’m here to help!

1. Looking for a free place to workout with friends? My friends Grisel and Amie and I will be hosting a FREE workout down in Shorewood on Saturday mornings at 10am. We start April 23rd. Contact me so I can get you directions, etc. Bring a friend with you and let’s sweat away the calories while we have fun together. πŸ™‚

2. Want some virtual accountability from the comfort of your home? Round 2 of our weight loss group is starting up on April 11th. What does it cost? Returning members pay $5 and new members $10. What do you get?

Each participant is responsible for emailing me the answers to a series of accountability questions (What is your current weight? Did you reach your goal for the week? What did you do that helped/hurt you reach that goal this week? What is your goal for the week ahead? What do you plan to do this upcoming week to achieve your goal?) every Saturday. It runs from April 11th-July2nd. We have a Facebook group too and we share ideas, recipes, thoughts, questions, and inspiration. All of the prize money is divided up for the top 3 weight loss PERCENTAGE losers.

You know what’s so inspiring? 3 of my current challengers all said this week that they reached goals. Two were able to fit into pants they haven’t fit into in years and one was able to purchase a new dress for herself this weekend that was in the single digit sizes (one of her big goals). That’s what this is all about. Helping others achieve their goals.

I’m here, and would love to help YOU reach your goals.

Contact me: