My Child Has White Spots All Over His Mouth

I was a wreck a few weeks ago.

Anthony started with a fever and didn’t want to eat.

By the end of the second day, he started to complain that his mouth was hurting.

I thought he might be teething…

I opened his mouth the third morning and found sores ALL over his tongue, mouth, and what looked like a cold sore on the outside.


Sorry for the toddler noise in the background. This is the world we live in! πŸ™‚

How To Get Out of Target with $$ In Your Pocket

The red balls….

The bullseye….

Oh I just need “one or two things”…

Yet, you see those parents coming out with cart loads full and a face like they just went through the car wash…

Pure exhaustion…

Anthony wears me out in Target. He loves that store, particularly, the vacuum display.

Yesterday, I did it!

My tips:
1. Stick to your list.
2. Go right to the first item on your list.
3. Know the layout of the store. Stay away from the toy section, tv section, or anything else that will distract you or anyone in your cart. πŸ™‚
4. Have any coupons out and in your hand when you get to checkout.
5. Save a few cents by having your reusable bag(s) with you.

IPhone Apps For 2 Year Old

Yes, my son Anthony understands how to use my iPhone better than my parents or grandmothers.

It’s no surprise. This generation of kids are born with technology, and one day will laugh at old machines from our past as we once did at those in history books we read in school.

I’m an advocate of it. I loved technology in my classroom with my 4th graders. I’m thrilled to share it with Anthony!

So…here’s a list of his top 5 apps that he plays with right now.

1. Cash Cow Lite ( I swear he just likes the music and graphics).

* Count up the coins that have to be next to each other in a group to total up to the dollar and cents amount that the Cash Cow needs. Once task is accomplished, purchase items for the cow’s farm.

2. Fish School

* Colorful graphics with fish that make up the shapes of numbers, letters, and shapes…great classical music too. Many times Anthony has fallen asleep to this during the day. πŸ™‚ There is a matching game, a game for finding differences, and then recognition of the letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.

3. Old MacDonald

* Sort of like Wheel of Fortune. There is a spinning wheel of animals. Click on the ones that belong on the farm and they are transferred there. He then has to move them to the right spot on the screen (pond, pen, grass, etc). If the animal doesn’t belong (like a dinosaur), the animal gets moved off by Old MacDonald!

4. Wheels on the Bus

* The app goes through the song and has different scenes for each verse. It even has an option for singing in spanish, french, or (yay!) italian. Actually, you can sing/record your own version as well.

5. Β Learn Colors

* I swear this is how Anthony learned his colors back in December. This app is so colorful and it has a little child’s voice on it that calls out the color. Anthony has to tap the color she says. Then it makes a little music. He picked this one up really fast! There are different levels too…so it starts out with just a split screen of 2 colors. Then you can advance to level to 3, 4, or even 6 colors I believe. Starts with primary and secondary colors then adds in the neutrals, etc.

He has three folders full of his educational games on my phone. These are his “faves” right now.

What are your child’s favorites?