Downtown Chicago Hotel Room Workout

No excuses!

Hubby and I were away for our anniversary.

I like to eat.

I’m also in a routine.

I got up early and got some killer workouts in before he got up.

Perfect way to get my time in as well as enjoy the rest of the day with him!

Don’t make excuses for yourself. Get it on paper that you are going to do it, stick to it, and get it DONE!

My First Shakeology Share!

This was me a year ago. Liz and I are both still drinking Shakeology today, along with a whole bunch of family and friends.

It’s curbed our cravings, given us energy to LIVE life with our toddler boys, and tastes great.

Talk about an easy way to get all your veggies for the day in one serving!

There are tons of recipes and a new flavor was just introduced at our coach summit this week.

Liz looks even more amazing now then she did then.

Send me a note if you have any questions!

Happy Friday! (As I enjoy my chocolate-y all natural breakfast today…)

Exercise While Sitting! My Mom’s Dream Come True! :)

Thanks to my mom for her insights!

Thanks to Anthony for providing both entertainment and scaring the bageebees out of his mama!

Insanity, The Asylum: DONE!

Put it in the books, my friends. Insanity Asylum is over and completed.

I’ve sent it home with my Uncle who’s in the last phase of P90X down in Indianapolis. He will bump up his cardio big time with this workout!

So, let me give you the pros and the cons to this workout.

1. It’s just not fun to me! I like to workout, but I like to have fun when possible.

2. It’s not for the average person looking to exercise. If you are just starting out, don’t even think about it.

3. There isn’t a lot of demonstrating and guidance. I guessed on what dumbbells to use in the strength workout. (I used 10 lbs.)

4. Not much modification. There is a person who does each workout with a jump rope when one is needed, but not really any modifications for knee or joint problems.


1. Short and intense. As a stay at home mom working my business and watching our neighbor’s children, I’m in need of a workout I can do at home and within a 45 minute period. The only workout that was longer was “Game Day” which only happened 3 times in the month.

2. Pushed me beyond my limits. I was comfortable with the workouts I was doing and really needed a challenge. This was it baby!

3. It’s only 30 days! Anyone can do something for 30 days! Just push play and get it done.

4. Team Sports. I really liked that he incorporated swimming, baseball, basketball, tennis, track, wrestling, distance running, football, and soccer (maybe even more?) into these workouts. I felt like I was on my college softball team again!

Do I recommend this workout for you?

Depends…if you are an elite athlete or you have trained with intense workouts and don’t have joint issues…then YES! Go for the push and do this! Such a feeling of accomplishment seeing myself improve on the Fit Test on day 30!

If you are looking for a fun workout or something a little less intense, I’d be happy to suggest some other options that I have found fun!

Next up….another round of Chalean Extreme, but this time in a hybrid with TurboFire. I’m excited to combine them!

A Balancing Act

Writer’s block got the best of me last night. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about today.

My friend over on Twitter, @Techyturner suggested I write about balancing work, social media, personal hobbies, and family life to be the best person you can be.

How can you be the best _________________ (insert occupation) possible?

Biggest thing that’s helped me: write out a daily plan and stick to it.

Here are some tips of how this works for me:

1. Write down on paper the night before what you WILL accomplish the next day. Limit it to five things. The five most important things that will make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. Scratch them off as you complete them the next day.

2. Determine your priorities, and write them down on paper. What’s most important to you? Writing it down helps you stay committed to them.

3. Determine whether you are a morning person or a night owl. Now make the best of that. I value being a stay at home mom, and that is my number one priority. How can I get everything done then if I’m focused on the Anthony? I know I’m a morning person. I set the alarm for 5, and I get up. I work for an hour until he wakes up at 6. Uninterrupted. Make the most of nap times and after bedtime too.

4. One thing at a time. We all want to be known as great multitaskers, but the brain can’t function that way. Set a time limit for a certain project/task and give it all your attention. For example, going to be working on social media? Shut off your email, shut off the tv, put down the book, and set a timer (or keep your eyes on the clock). Work on social media for the hour, and then shut it off and begin the next task.

5. Never stop learning! All of us have more to learn! Constantly be a student of your area of expertise, but also read books that will help you in your personal development. Check out my post about great books to read.

How do you do it all?

What tips would you add to my list?

Positive Speaking Breeds Positive Results

Our brains understand the positive.

They block out the “negative” words such as don’t, can’t, stop.

So it’s important to speak to ourselves, and our children in positive words.

Try this:

“Don’t move your feet.”

What’s the first thing you thought of? Moving your feet, right? πŸ™‚

Check this out…see how it relates to little man Anthony, and all of us.

Insanity Asylum, Day 19 – Game Day and Overtime

This was the second time that Game Day came up in the 30 day schedule.

I’m a former athlete. I played basketball and softball in high school and softball in college.

Drills and hard work are normal for me. I’m accustomed to that.

THIS workout takes it to a whole new level.

I’m not going to tell you it was “no big deal” or that it “wasn’t bad”.

In my opinion, it was KILLER.

The Game Day workout is 60 minutes long. It starts with a short warm up with the agility ladder (honestly, I’ve never done such intense warm ups before, lol).

Next comes a 6 minute mile run which consists of some high knees, kick backs on the butt, one arm down in a plank-like position while running “up hill”, and a sprint at the end. Don’t get tired yet!

Shaun T also includes, soccer kicking drills that build like a pyramid, tennis drills with the agility ladder, basketball lay up drills that also include a little bit of shot faking in the triple threat stance, basketball jump shot drills, swimming drills on the floor, wrestling moves, football drills with the agility ladder, long jumps with the agility ladder, speed skating drills (DANG), a few 100 meter dashes, and some pitching and hitting drills at the end with mountain climbers and vertical jumps incorporated into them.

I’m not kidding around, and Shaun T isn’t either. He tells you that from the beginning.

You know how on most workouts you can skip past the warning in the beginning? This one won’t let you!

I really enjoy this workout. It’s a great sweat, calorie burning workout.

If you are use to INTENSE workouts, give this one a try. It’s incredible. I can’t believe what it’s especially done for my core and my shoulders already.

Have you done the Asylum? What are your thoughts?

Easter Sunday…Family Blessings

Today is my favorite holiday of the year.

I love celebrating such a happy ending to the Greatest Story Ever Told!

Also, it’s Spring, and the beginning of a whole new season of excitement!

We had my brother and his girlfriend as well as my mom over for dinner today. We served early as my brother is a season ticket holder for the Chicago Blackhawks, and needed to get back into the city for the game.

What a great meal we had. My hubby made a rack of lamb that just looked fabulous. I discreetly ate my naked chicken cutlets (meatless).

I reflect today on all the things I am grateful for….and here in this picture are many of the biggies. I’m so grateful for my hubby and Anthony. They are my pillars of motivation. I push to reach my goals because of them!

2 years ago at this point, I was going back to work tomorrow to finish out my contract after my maternity leave was over. I loved being a teacher, but really wanted to be a stay at home mom. I remember how nervous I was to go back. I didn’t want to leave Anthony!

I reflect back and am really thankful for my husband giving me the gift to be a stay at home mom. I’m also thankful for him being so supportive of me running with what I enjoy as I run my at home business. Best of both worlds; helping others stay healthy and being home to raise our Anthony.

What are you thankful for today?

Allergy Free Snacks for a Healthy Mom

Our son Anthony is 2 and has food allergies. He’s allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, wheat, egg, and dairy.

As a stay at home healthy mom, it’s important to me that he gets his nutrients while making good choices with what he eats.

I know what you are going to ask…well..what do you feed him?

I hear that all the time. He’s not an alien! Stop and think outside the box. There is a lot that he CAN eat. More foods that he CAN eat then those he can’t. It’s just a matter of reading every label. As a former teacher, that’s no problem at all. I was always analyzing data.. πŸ™‚

Ok so back to the question…what does he eat?

Breakfast: almost always consists of Gerber Baby Oatmeal with Rice Milk. Never been a problem for him. Also, many times, turkey sausage links (steamed on the stove top and then finished off being sauteed in a squeeze of olive oil.

Rice milk is the only milk he can have. The pediatric allergist said it’s just as well, if not better, but he needs to be on a multivitamin to be sure he gets enough vitamin d and calcium. I am always looking for coupons for rice milk. When I find them, we stock up!

Lunch: Always can count on Anthony having black beans. No questions asked. This was his first solid food. He loved them from the beginning. I just rinse them and he loves them cold. The pediatric allergist also told me that they are so high in protein that they will help him with not having dairy. Again, in my opinion, a much more nutritious choice anyway!

Snacks: Here are Anthony’s favorites, and one not so favorite!

Loves these organic fruit bars from Whole Foods. At 60 cents each I buy them in bulk. Taste like a fruit snack, but nothing artificial and no added sugar (just sugar from the actual fruit).

Rice cakes…eh, he can take them or leave them as they are. BUT…the trick is to break them up and put them in a silver cup. He thinks its popcorn and adores it. (Great trick, Daddy!)

Apples, pears, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, cheerios, avocados, zucchini, plums, and peaches are always rotated around the house.

Rice crackers. These are crunchy and he calls them “trackters”. Love it! Have a bit of a salty crisp to them. Tasty!

Brown rice crackers. THUMBS DOWN! These looked promising, but unless you are into eating cardboard, skip them!

Trader Joe’s Dried Banana Slices! Easy to pack in the diaper bag and take with you as a healthy on the go snack!

Dinner: Oh it varies. Ian’s brand makes a great allergy free line for kids like Anthony. They make allergy free chicken nuggets which taste great. They also make onion rings and french fries (in the shape of letters). Those are a favorite.

Hubby taught me to lightly oil a pan with olive oil and then put the fries on those. Bake for ten minutes and flip. Bake another ten minutes. Crisp on the ouside, soft on the inside. YUM! Sprinkle with sea salt and he’s good to go!

He also likes hamburgers, “white chicken” (chicken breast from the bone cut up in chunks and tossed in truffle oil), and the hot dogs that are free of everything. Oscar Meyer makes a good one. I will look next time we have them in the house.

RICE! My husband is Pakistani and makes a delicious rice dish. It’s full of spices. Anthony goes wild for it!

He’s not a huge fan of pasta (what the heck…I’m italian!) .

Veggies vary within the week. He’s into “trees with flowers” right now. πŸ™‚ AKA Broccoli.


Ah ha…yes..this is where you think I’m out of luck. Nope…

Soft baked cookies from Enjoy Life and the candy bars from Enjoy Life….they also make chocolate chips. Everything is allergy free. They are SOOOO GOOOD! I use the choc chips for baking too! (i’ll save the baking info for another post!)

So, Anthony has a variety of food he can eat.

He’s growing healthy and strong. I find this a blessing. He has forced us to really take a look at what we put into our bodies. There is very little processed food in our home!

Do you have a allergy free snack/meal that works for your family? Please share in the comments below!

Do you have allergies or your children have allergies and need some more ideas or guidance? I’d be happy to help you! I recall the feeling when I first found out. I thought..what am I going to eat and what will I feed him??

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All A Matter of Perception

This is my snack today. Guess how many strawberries this is?


I used Anthony’s bowl and his spoon.

Honestly, had I washed and eaten 7 strawberries out of the carton I know I would have thought to myself…”girl I’m still hungry!” before I had even scarfed down the last one.

I took the time to wash and slice them and throw them into a cute little bowl.

Cut up a few for Anthony while I was at it too.

It’s all a matter of perception…