What Is In Lunchmeat?

What exactly is in lunchmeat?

Well, I don’t know all the answers, but I do know a biggie that I never would have known about had Anthony not had all of these food allergies.

Back a few years ago when Anthony was having tons of outbreaks, and we didn’t know what more to do, our doctor had him see a Pediatric Allergist.

Anthony has allergies to:

-tree nuts

I cried when I found out.

What was I going to feed my baby??

The doctor was fabulous and explained to me about reading labels even more carefully than my health conscious self had already been doing.

She also told me to keep him away from lunchmeat.

Lunchmeat? It’s meat, what could he be allergic to in it?


She informed me that dairy is used in lunchmeat as an additive to keep it moist, etc.

So she suggested I go to a kosher deli and purchase turkey for him there.

Who would have known?

What allergies do you or your children have?

Do you know of any other foods that have a hidden allergens that we wouldn’t know about?

How Do You Do A Burpee?

My Child Has White Spots All Over His Mouth

I was a wreck a few weeks ago.

Anthony started with a fever and didn’t want to eat.

By the end of the second day, he started to complain that his mouth was hurting.

I thought he might be teething…

I opened his mouth the third morning and found sores ALL over his tongue, mouth, and what looked like a cold sore on the outside.


Sorry for the toddler noise in the background. This is the world we live in! 🙂

How Do I Keep My Child In His Bed All Night?

Do you have a hard time with getting your kids to sleep a whole night through in their own beds?

We sure were. The solution just cracks me up but…

Last week, it wasn’t so funny.

Since Anthony was sick a few weeks ago, he has been getting up around 11:30, 3:30, and again around 5 EACH night.

Not fun…and when Mom’s got a sinus infection…even LESS fun.

What to do…how can we get Anthony to get back to sleeping a full night?

Through casual conversation on the phone with both my Mom and my Grandma, they both said:

“Why don’t you leave WGN on for him all night?”

WGN is a talk/news radio station here in Chicago and our family has grown up with it.

Grandma can’t sleep without WGN on all night, Mom has it on all day….

So, we figured we’d give it a shot.

Sure enough, Anthony slept all night…for 4 out of the 5 nights we have done this!

He told me in the morning after the first night,

“Mommy! The guys talked to me all night!”

What a quick and easy fix!

Are you struggling with your child getting up constantly? Try this!

Do you have a trick or tip that has helped your child sleep through the night?

Please leave them in the comment section below! I’d be so happy to have more tricks in my bag! 🙂

Reading Aloud to Children

Is it ever too early to start reading to your child?

Is it ever too late to start reading to your child?

Are these questions that you have contemplated?

Well, as a former teacher, and now stay at home mom, I can tell you from experience on both ends, the answer is “no” to both questions.

I started reading to Anthony when he was still in my womb.

Yes, I know..it sounds silly…and trust me, reading Curious George and the Bunny to him in an empty room sitting in a chair seemed quite silly to me too.

I know the studies show such great things from this, but honestly, studies don’t mean anything compared to a mom with experience.

We only have one child at this point in life, but are praying God blesses us with more some day!

Regardless, I can tell you, from the moment he was born, he has had a fascination with books.

I read to him as an infant…we’d both lay on the bed and I’d hold board books with bright colors up in the air so he could see the picutres as I read.

I continued to read to him as he has grown.

At an early age, they learn the beginning reading skills:

*Reading from left to right
*Pictures on the page correlate to the story
*Turning the pages continue the story

As your toddler reads more and more with you, they will begin to memorize the stories, which is another step in developing readers!

What can you do to make this even more beneficial to them as they grow?

Work on connections. Ask them questions that will connect something they see in the book to something they know in their life.

For example, “Anthony look at what Mickey’s putting in the pot. What do you see?” “Yes, onions! Who cooks with onions?” “Correct! Grandma uses the onions when she makes the salad!”

Your child we be prepared for kindergarten by doing these small things every day!

I read today that only 53% of kids at home are read to every day. Help make that statistic rise and help your child achieve more while developing a love for reading!

What are some of your child’s favorite books to read? Please post below!

How To Get Medicine Out From the Bottom of the Bottle into a Syringe

I was having a hard time getting the medicine out from the bottom of the bottle into the syringe for Anthony. I found this easy solution to save me from air bubbles in the syringe and messes in the kitchen.

Moms Looking for Healthy Food For Baby

When we had Anthony, we never anticipated his food allergies. Neither of us have them so it was a surprise to us. It came as a huge blessing though. It has made us aware of everything we put in our mouths.

I had already made a decision to make his baby food from scratch since I was home rather than buy the store bought versions. It was simple, fresh, and best for Anthony, regardless of the food allergies.

All I did was take the food that I was introducing to him ( I did veggies first, and then fruits…a great tip from my friend Mary… I didn’t want him to love the sweetness of the fruits and then turn his baby nose at the veggies. 🙂 ) and blend them up in a food processor with a bit of water when needed.

Veggies Anthony loved: zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach.

Fruits Anthony loved: mangoes, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, and strawberries.

He really liked apples too, but my friend Rachel taught me that buying the natural variety of applesauce at the store was easier…she said it was a bit of a process to peel, core, and stew the apples.

I also started giving him black beans somewhere around 6-9 months. He ate them all mashed up, also done in the food processor. As he got older (still today) he eats them whole and cold. Great source of protein. They are delicious too.

Regardless, I was aware of exactly what was going in Anthony’s mouth. The same veggies we were eating, but in a pureed form. I didn’t buy anything extra..just what we were making!

Do you have any creative ways to feed a toddler these veggies? These same veggies my Anthony once couldn’t get enough of…he now turns his face at! Will you post any suggestions you have?

Photo courtesy of: http://dealrocker.over-blog.com/article-food-processor-an-excellent-and-smarty-gift-for-mother-s-day-46548590.html