Megabus Stop In Chicago

Have you heard or taken the Megabus yet?

Great deals! If you are traveling in the midwest or the east, this is a very economical way to travel.

I took Anthony, my Grandma, and my 12 year old cousin to Indianapolis last week to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

I usually take the SUV and drive it on my own, but with an elderly lady and a toddler, without my husband made me just want to take an easier route.

We picked up the Megabus at the stop in Chicago at Canal Street and Jackson Blvd. It was right across the street from Union Station, downtown. Easy access from any of the expressways as well as a Metra train or CTA.

Grandma and I used the Megabus once before and got a seat for $1 each! Are you kidding me? $1 from Chicago to Indianapolis. YES PLEASE.

Megabus is a double or single level Greyhound type bus. They have wireless, plugs, air conditioning, and comfortable seats.

I noticed lots of college students. The bus going to Indy was then going on to Ohio State and Columbus.

Our trip to Indy for Grandma, Anthony, and I cost 30 dollars ($10 each) and our return home was $6 ($2 each). Talk about an economical trip!

5 Tips for Saving Money on a Vacation

We just returned from a week’s vacation downtown (Chicago).

I grew up in the city, and we live in the suburbs now.

We felt this was a good getaway for us while Anthony could stay with my parents in the city a few days, just minutes away.

Staying in a hotel COULD mean lots of money spent on activities and food.

Without having a place to house leftovers if you are in a standard room, what are you to do?

This is what we did:

1. Packed snacks for midmorning/midafternoon: baked chips, larabars, dried fruit, and raw almonds.

2. Brought our own breakfast. We both drink Shakeology, so simple to pack one box of almond milk, Magic Bullet, and the stash of shake powder in our bag. Ice at the hotel to blend with!

3. Eat one nice meal out each day. We chose to eat our bigger meal at lunch time most days so as to save on the dinner prices and portions.

4. Research where you are going! There are tons of free things to do all over the country! Get online and Google it! Museums, parks, movies in the parks, neighborhood festivals, free concerts, parades…you name it!

5. Set a budget. Decide what you will allow yourself to spend each day and stick to it. Don’t spend JUST to “spend” since you are on vacation.

Happy Engagement Day!

6 years ago today my hubby proposed to me.

Where has the time gone?

I knew it was coming, but didn’t know it was this day, nor did I know the extent of his plans.

I knew he had spoken with my parents, which was my wish. I also knew we had discussed some ideas of wedding plans, what I wanted my ring to look like, and future plans.

I also had told him that I didn’t want any attention when we got engaged. No restaurants, no surprises out of a cake, no wait staff and crowd cheering, no big scenic view.

But, 3/3/05 was a day I’ll never forget.

I was teaching 2nd grade over at St. Dom’s. We were heading on a field trip to the Scitech museum so I was excited for a dress down day. Jeans and a long sleeve tshirt!

He mentioned to me the night before that I should maybe bring some nice clothes with me to work…

WHAT? Doesn’t he know dress down days don’t come too often for a teacher?

I didn’t pay any attention to his nonsense talk.

We return from the field trip and the principal comes down with a business size envelope. She tells me…don’t open this until 6pm when you are done working extended day today.

What did I immediately think? Something to do with rehiring me for the next year.

I shoved it in my bag…and went on with getting the kids ready for the end of the day.

5:55 rolls around and as we are waiting for the last child to be picked up, I tell the other lady who was working extended day with me about the letter.

She encouraged me to open it. I did. Inside we found a beautifully designed invitation for dinner at Mush (my hubby)’s apartment.

I get to his place and our friend Louis comes out to get me. He escorted me in his suit up to Mush’s apartment. My heart is racing and I’m not sure what’s going on.

We get up there, and he immediately takes my jacket. They close my eyes, and bring me into the living room. My eyes open and I see his living room transformed into a beautiful restaurant for 2.

He used piping and drapery to make the black walls and then had a table for two set…well here look at the pic:

He had hired a chef to come in (which was why I couldn’t see what was going on in the kitchen) and prepare us a vegetarian 5 course meal. Don’t ask me what everything was…I was too nervous. I just remember it was OUTSTANDING.

Then after dinner, the server (another person he hired) came in and brought a plate full of beautiful chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

It was quiet and we were alone. He got down on his knee…said many wonderful things to me…and asked me to marry him.

I said yes…and then had an asthma attack. He had to get my inhaler out of my purse! What a scene….

But, let me tell you…this was the beginning of a wonderful ride. I love him with all of my heart, and there is no one in the world better fit for me.