Does Shakeology Taste Good?

Going “Sweetless”

Some of you asked, so shall you receive.

My words of “experience”.

The weekend of Valentine’s Day, I ran my first 5k with Amie. I came home and felt I “earned” eating whatever I wanted. Well, after a few Long Island Iced Teas, some chocolate, some of my mom’s cookies, and some pizza…I realized..WOAH. STOP ME!

Like it was meant to be…a status update comes on Facebook from Chalene Johnson on her TurboFire page saying “Having trouble taming the sweet tooth? Give it up for 14 days and you won’t even miss it anymore.”

Hey that sounded doable and most definitely a well needed challenge to get back on track.

So I began, Monday, February 14th. Still going strong today! Read on, sweet teeth!

How am I doing it?

1. CLEAR IT OUT! All the cookies…gone. That big piece of candy hubby bought me for a treat…gone. GARBAGE IT! The $ you throw out in the trash can is worth the $ you’ll save on new pants to fit into!

2. DISCOVER YOUR MOTIVATION! What is it? Why do you need to stop eating sweets? Risk of Type 2 Diabetes? Kids? Grandkids? Want to fit into your swimsuit this summer? Determine your reason for needing this. Mine? Being healthy for Anthony. Being able to play with him for a long time and setting a great example for him to follow.

3. FIND SOMETHING ELSE. I’m an emotional eater..always have been. When I’m happy, nervous, anxious, stressed, sad, angry, etc. I eat. It always made me feel better. Still fight this battle every day. But I found that every time I wanted to reach for a sweet treat, I walked away and found Anthony (our 2 year old). I asked him what book he wanted to read. Within minutes, I forgot that I wanted to eat something and was immersed in my #2(motivation), being healthy for Anthony.

You will find that as you eat healthy, your body will crave healthy food.

It works. Last night, we went to a benefit at a country club. It was a tasting from chefs around the area.

A dieter’s nightmare…but not a problem for a lady on a healthy lifestyle journey! 🙂

I tasted the sushi and even that coconut shrimp. But the sweets? Didn’t even want them! The quick taste in my mouth wasn’t worth all of the sugar that would be going in. Not to mention the 20 “Sweetless” days!

21 days down! Who wants to give it a try? I’m happy to keep you accountable!

Drop me a line!