Time Capsules to Start Off Summer

Did you ever create time capsules as a kid?

Simple and easy to do.

As summer begins here, this is a great activity to do with your kids that are home from school.

Round up some objects such as:

* a pair of his/her socks

* a coin that was created in the current year

* a small toy

* a current picture of him/her

Also, have your child:

* draw a picture

* make an audio of them singing a song, or a video of them performing/playing that can be transferred to a cd

* write their name out on paper

Grab an old shoebox, or something of that sort, and have your child decorate it with stickers, markers, or other odds and ends from craft stores (check the clearance aisle at JoAnn’s or Michaels!) and glue them on.

Place everything in the shoebox. Be sure to include the current date and year on a slip of paper.

Dig up a place and bury the box.

Dig it up next summer, or in a set number of years that you and your child(ren) determine!

What other items would be good to include in a time capsule?

Please share in the comments below!