Graduation Day

Today I had the honor of being the alumni speaker at my alma mater, Lewis University’s undergraduate commencement exercises.

As president of the Young Alumni Board, I have an opportunity to volunteer my time and work with some tremendous graduates to give back and connect so many graduates back to our great university.

I love Lewis. I did my undergraduate studies here in History and Secondary Education and my masters in Educational Leadership a few years later.

I played softball here for four years, taking care of business in centerfield. We went to the women’s college world series twice during my time here. It was amazing.

My best friend Gina is also a Lewis grad, fellow softball alum, and also serves on the board. She summed it up today so well. She said that every time she is around Lewis people or on campus she is overwhelmed by the sense of community and pride….like a family.

That’s exactly what I love about it and why I am so proud to be an alum. My husband works here and we live on campus because of that.

Many times I’m asked…”does that bother you to live on a college campus?”

Bother? Not at all! I love it!!

This is home. Always will be.

I cried 8 years ago when I walked out of the field house with my degree.

How happy of a feeling it is to call Lewis home.

I treasure the friendships made, and continue to make here.

Reminds me again that you have to believe that you are exactly where you are suppose to be right now.

I am not teaching in a classroom, but the lessons I’ve learned and the values that have been cultivated in me through my growing up here at Lewis has fashioned me into the person I am today.

A person striving to always live by the mission points of Lewis: knowledge, wisdom, justice, association, and fidelity.

I challenge you to go back to a moment in your life where your values were really instilled in you.

Be thankful. Give back. Pay it forward!