Connecting with Others Rather Than Simply Communicating

Last week when I was on my way out the door to a friend’s house with little Anthony a friend of mine, “Mia” called and asked me a question.

She said something like this, “Really…I’m ok…there’s nothing wrong with me or anything…but I’m just lacking motivation. It’s not only one aspect of life that I can pinpoint it on, I’m just ‘blah’ and need something to help me focus and realize my potential again. What books do you suggest?”

Mia is a teacher too. She and I have always been very much alike in our personalities since we met when we were younger. I knew exactly what she was thinking…

As teachers, we are always reading. Children’s literature, best practices books, online material to improve our classrooms, data that has to be analyzed, teacher guide books, etc.

But nothing ever for improving me…being the best “human” I could possibly be.

I never thought I had too. I am who I am, right?

I, like Mia, was searching to just bring out the best in me so as to bring out the best in others.

We want to learn and understand ourselves and each other!

Here are some of my favorite books that I have read within the last 8 months that have changed my way of thinking, and have helped me to be the best I can be for others around me.

1. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne – positive thinking attracts positive outcomes

2. The Magic of Thinking Big, by David Schwartz – dream big, accomplish more

3. Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy – conquer procrastination

4. The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olsen – the small things are easy to do, but just as easy not to do

5. Personality Plus, by Florence Littauer – one of my favorites…everyone falls into a mix of 4 different personality types. One is always dominant in people. Find out what you are and what others. Learn to look for the signs of what type they are so as to communicate more effectively.

Books on mp3s or cds are an easy way for the busy people to be able to read too!

When I was going back and forth from Schiller Park for work last semester, I would pop a book on cd in the car and make the most of my hour drive there and my hour drive back.

Do you have a book to add to my list? Add one in the comments below!

About Katie Choudhary
Joyful Catholic wife and mom. Former teacher and former college athlete. Baptism Prep, Momnipotent, and Guardians and Angels group facilitator, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd directress at the Cathedral of Saint Raymond in Joliet, Illinois. MEd in Educational Leadership with a Type 75 certification.

One Response to Connecting with Others Rather Than Simply Communicating

  1. Erin says:

    Failing Forward: I am almost finished with it and it is excellant! Its about learning from ones mistakes and you can’t succeed w/o failure! 🙂

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